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FDC Events in Singapore and Hong Kong soon.

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Small Group Briefings Singapore Tower Club Luncheon & Association of Family Company Conference, January 2019

FDC Advisory presents regularly to interested investor groups in Singapore and Hong Kong.  Other presentations can be arranged in other cities. Presentations are normally done in a luncheon environment excellent for networking and engaging with the speakers.  We plan to have blockchain industry experts at most meetings to provide deep insight to the blockchain economy. To join us at one of these occasions please connect here.

Blockchain Conference World Tour, August 2018

Thanks to those that joined us on Tuesday 21st August at Royal Perth Yacht Club.

With over 200 people in the audience we were blessed to have two great presenters joining us on the night; Professor David Yermack BA (Econ), MBA, JD, MA, PHD (Bus Econ) and the Dr Scott Stornetta B.S Physics, PHD Physics Stanford, Physics Harvard, who co-authored the white paper “How to Time-Stamp a Digital Document” which is cited 3 times in Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin paper. FDC seeks to engage industry visionaries to present alongside FDC’s investment thesis. For details on when FDC is presenting again please enquire here.

Blockchain Economy World Tour, May 2018

Photos by Andre Chang-Fane

In May of 2018 FDC presented Blockchain Economy an event at Sydney University with over 150 leading members from Asia, Europe and Australia from both the blockchain and the investment communities.  Speakers included Dr Scott Stornetta, Michael Cassey, Chairman of Coin Desk’s advisory board and co-author of two of the most widely read books on Blockchain along with FDC’s Chair Deryck Graham and 9 other outstanding industry speakers. For details on when FDC is presenting again please enquire here.

 Investor and & Blockchain Industry harbour cruise, May 2018

As part of the Blockchain Economy event FDC invited over 100 members of the blockchain and investment community in Australia and from around the world to meet, network, create and invest in this new economy.   For details on when FDC is presenting again please enquire here.